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PlayStation 4

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3480 GAMES

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118 Million Units Sold

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PlayStation 4


Crash Bandicoot

Launch & Origins

You can say the origins of the PlayStation go all the way back 1988 when Nintendo and Sony were secretly collaborating on a one of a kind device that would utilize Sony's proven hardware and Nintendo's all star game lineup. Unfortunately before this could ever become a reality, Nintendo decided to back out. This lead Sony to develop what we now know as the PlayStation. On December 3 1994 the PlayStation launched in Japan and eventually made its way to North America with an U.S launch on September 9 1995.

Nintendo had Mario but PlayStation had it's own ace with Crash Bandicoot. The Crash Bandicoot franchise made the best use of PlayStation's low poly style graphics and created a picturesque world filled with lively and exciting worlds that often time challenged even the most seasoned of gamers. Crash Bandicoot even had a snappy marketing campaign with commercials calling out Mario and Nintendo bringing back the good ol' video game wars vibes.


The PlayStation instantly became a success and offered a wide library of games and powerful hardware for the time. PlayStation became the leader in the console space and amassed a universe of third party developers providing a steady stream of quality games throughout the PlayStation's life cycle.


The Sony PlayStation wasn't a one hit wonder as you all might know and to this day is known as the console that introduced us to Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, Metal Gear Solid, and many more legendary games and beloved fan classics.

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