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Time Machine Gaming strives to provide exceptional content that people can find knowledgeable, entertaining and inspiring. We’re all about nostalgia and looking back at those enriching life experiences gaming has brought to us throughout the years. It is our mission to preserve the rich and diverse history of gaming by sharing it with the world. We primarily focus on gaming from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s and still enjoy modern games. After all what's a time machine if you can't visit the past, present and future? 

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Time Machine Gaming started as a community focusing on the collection of vintage video games in 2015.

The community was made up of extremely passionate retro collectors and gamers looking for nostalgia and a place to relive some of the great games from the past.  We now reach thousands of people worldwide and continue to spread our love and knowledge for games with our global audience.


We are currently in the process of bringing TMG to the Sandbox Metaverse. A place where we plan to have the community gather as well as host events, offer NFT drops, and many other exciting things that will only grow our community and bring together gamers worldwide!


At Time Machine Gaming we believe in the power of the gaming community. In our shop you will find our Partners listed. You can access their online stores and in some cases receive a discount for buying directly from our affiliate link, which in return helps us!


For any business inquiries please contact us at:

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