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Exclusive Pokémon Game Boy Light

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

At the bottom of the game screen Bulbasaur, Horsea, and Lapras can be seen. When the Game Boy is on, the battery light makes Pikachu's cheeks glow red.

The year was 1998 and Pokémon was a phenomenon, by this point it had already taken over the world. Pokémon was practically everywhere, their games were the bestselling Game Boy games and they already had a TV show as well as the Pokémon Trading Card Game which every child seemed to play.

The Game Boy Light an updated version of the Game Boy Pocket was exclusively released in Japan on April 14, 1998. It was an incredible upgrade because it was backlit and allowed you to play your Game Boy games in the dark without the need of any lighting accessories.

At first sales were not bad but it quickly became overshadowed by the release of the Game Boy Color in October of that same year in 1998. It was the only backlit Nintendo console until the Game Boy Advance SP (2003).

The limited edition Pokémon themed Game Boy Light, was exclusively sold in the Pokémon Center Tokyo, Japan. It was released July 18th 1999. It's release was to tie in with the release of Pokémon: The First Movie and Pokémon Yellow.

Initially the supply was limited to 5000 units and sold out instantly within a few hours of its release, but due to heavy demand additional units were produced leading Nintendo to make 5000 more units. Even though it is not confirmed it is believed only 10,000 total units were made.

Currently the average asking price on eBay for this Pokémon version of the Game Boy Light in a box is running from between $800 to $1200 USD. The Game Boy itself can be found loose for as low as $150-200 in with some heavy use. In my opinion this Game Boy is worth every cent due to its rarity and if you do manage to get one, you'll have one of the most unique Game Boy's out there in your possession!

There is not much information about this Game Boy Light online due to its limited release. If you would like to provide any information to this article please contact us!

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1 Comment

Valentina Tzvetanov
Valentina Tzvetanov
Jan 10, 2019

Wow! I didn't know that even existed. Very interesting article!

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