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Nintendo New York

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Entrance to Nintendo New York located Rockefeller Center.

In March 2017, a week after the release of the Nintendo Switch I got to visit the Nintendo New York. As you could imagine I was seriously geeking out about going there being the gamer that I am. I had not been to Nintendo NY since spring 2014 when it was still know as Nintendo World so I was quite curious to see what had changed in those 3 years.

As soon as I walked through the doors I felt this euphoria that can only be described as an sudden burst of energy and excitement. Eager to see a Switch for the first time in person I ran straight to the second floor.

Right away I noticed there were quite a few people hurdled up so I decided to see what all the fuzz was about and it turned out to be a kid playing Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch which was being projected onto a wall. They had quite a nice Zelda display for the release of BOTW with every Zelda game packed in the glass display along with some guides and Zelda decorations.

Display case with Zelda games set up for the release of Breath of the Wild.

The second floor had merchandise that ranged from amiibo to books, clothes, games, and toys of our favorite Nintendo characters. There was a display with every amiibo which was a beautiful sight specially since many amiibo are pretty hard to find specially all in one place. Something funny that kept happening constantly was that people would come up to the employees asking "Do you have any Nintendo Switches left?" of course the answer was no :)

The rest of the floor was basically filled with display cases holding all of Nintendos past consoles from the NES to Switch as well as a few 3DS's and Switch's for people to test out.

Eventually it cleared out and I managed to play the Switch for my first time, it was everything I expected and more. I stayed up there for another 10-15 minutes before I decided to grab a few things and head down to check out the first floor.

First floor overview from staircase.

The first floor only hosted merchandise including some seasonal/limited items for the release of BOTW. One major thing I noticed that changed from the last time I visited Nintendo NY (besides name change from Nintendo World) was that a section which was meant for playing 3DS with an area to sit was removed to make more space for merchandise.

As far as the pricing of most things, I believe most things had a fair price but of course they had a little markup being that you are in such a special place. I do recommend going with at least $50 if you want to buy a few things like a shirt and another item.

My experience there was quite memorable with the recent release of the Switch and look forward to visiting again in the near future. If you would like to see the full 30 photo album of my visit to Nintendo NY click the link below:


When shopping there try getting things that are exclusive to Nintendo NY instead of getting merchandise that can be found anywhere like games.

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